High-volume Raw Mill Rotary Feeders

If you work in the cement manufacturing industry, you know that Raw Mill Rotary Feeders are necessary to feed clinker and limestone from raw mill soil into the distribution system. The Rotary Feeder designed for high-volume Raw Mills is the top-performing among rotary feeders; it can achieve throughput requirements of more than 320 tons per hour. It comes equipped with wearing liners and inspector doors, a simple structure, excellent performance, and sealing.


    Rotary Feeders, which are also known as Rotary Airlock Feeders, play a crucial role in accurately metering materials from bins, hoppers, or silos into conveying or processing systems. Rotary Airlock Feeders have wide application in cement factories wherever dry flee-flowing powders, granules, crystals, or pellets are used.

    Structural features of rotary feeder

    Rotating Impeller and Wear Plate
    The rotary feeders consist of a rotary impeller, shell, and drive device. Wear-resistant plates are welded onto the rotary impeller significantly enhancing the vane's lifespan.
    Inlet Design
    The rotary valves feeder’s inlet is intentionally designed with a specific deviation between its center distance and the casing centerline to facilitate the entry of larger particles.
    The inner lining of the shell is usually equipped with a wear-resistant layer, enhancing the overall wear resistance performance.
    Impeller Bearings
    The rotary vane feeder is supported by bearings at both ends, ensuring an even gap between the impeller and the shell.
    High Temperature Resistance
    The rotary airlock feeders are designed to withstand high temperatures. This legendary high pressure gate valve design sets the standard by which all others in the industry are measured.
    Double-end seal design
    The equipment utilizes an asbestos packing seal to achieve a double-end seal, which is simple to operate and replace and provides excellent sealing performance.

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