Electromagnetic Rotary Kiln

Our company has developed a new type of calcining equipment called the electromagnetic rotary kiln. This kiln utilizes electromagnetic induction for heat treatment and material handling. It can reach a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees. Our electromagnetic rotary kiln provides adequate and even heat while also reducing costs.


    Most of the traditional rotary kilns are heated by gas or fuel oil and other materials, which causes issues of environmental pollution and high energy consumption. The electric calciner adopts electromagnetic heating induction technology, no smoke, no noise, etc., to avoid these problems. The new electric calciner meets environmental protection requirements and can improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

    Working Principle

    The electromagnetic rotary kiln primarily consists of a combustion system, control system, cylinder, drive device, feeding system, and discharging system. During operation, materials enter the rotary kiln from the kiln's end of the kiln. The main transmission machine drives the gear device to transmit power through the main reducer to rotate the rotary kiln cylinder. The cylinder has a certain inclination, so the material moves in all directions with the cylinder rotation. After being calcined, the clinker enters the grate cooler for cooling.


    Adopt Active Heating Technology
    The electric rotary kiln utilizes electromagnetic induction principles to achieve direct and active heating. This indirect fired rotary kiln has a high power density, resulting in faster heating rates.
    Reduce heating lost
    The rotary kiln electric furnace adopts active heating, avoiding the heating lost in the heating transmission process, So it is more efficient and energy-saving.
    Safer and More Environmentally Friendly
    The electromagnetic rotary kiln is a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional kilns as it doesn't require an open flame or a heating medium.
    Fully Digital Control System
    This rotary kiln uses a fully digital control system, realizing more accurate temperature control and intelligent equipment operation.

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