Lime Rotary kiln

The lime rotary kiln, also named drum rotary kiln, is equipped with advanced structure and combined flak seal on both ends. It incorporates complex refractory materials to achieve an air leakage factor of less than 10%, thereby reducing heat loss. Rotary lime kiln plays an extremely important role in shortening smelting time, improving product quality, optimizing smelting technology and improving economic benefits.

    Working Principle

    Lime rotary kiln mainly consists of kiln body, feeding device, fabric device, combustion device, ash discharging device, electric apparatus, instrument control device, dust removal device, etc. Due to the inclination and slow rotation of the cylinder, limestone enters the kiln through the kiln end and moves from the lime kiln end (high end) to the kiln head (low end). The fuel is burned in the kiln through the burner from the kiln head end and the heat is transferred to the limestone by radiation, convection and conduction. The limestone is calcined into quicklime during the movement and comes out of the kiln head end, while the high temperature flue gas enters the kiln tail dust removal system from the limestone kiln tail end.

    limestone rotary kiln


    High efficiency Lime Production
    The lime rotary kiln has an advanced structure and utilizes a low-pressure loss vertical preheater, which effectively enhances the preheating efficiency of limestone and increases its decomposition rate by 20-25%, thereby achieving efficient lime production.
    Multiple Limestone Utilization
    The preheated limestone can be directly utilized with 10-15mm fine-grained limestone, which improves the utilization rate of limestone and expands the applicable range of raw materials.
    Fuel flexibility
    Rotary kiln lime can use a variety of fuels, such as coal, natural gas, oil, etc. It has strong fuel adaptability and can choose the most suitable fuel according to the actual situation to reduce energy costs.
    Highly Automatic Control
    The production process of lime rotary kiln can achieve a high degree of automatic control. With advanced instrumentation and control systems, you can can achieve precise control of temperature, atmosphere, material flow and other parameters to improve production efficiency and stability.
    Environmental Protection and High Efficiency
    Limestone rotary kiln adopts closed design, which can effectively control the emission of waste gas and dust and reduce the pollution to the environment. At the same time, the efficient lime production process can also reduce energy consumption and improve energy utilization efficiency.
    Easy Maintenance
    Maintenance of lime rotary kiln is relatively simple, and key components are easy to repair and replace. Downtime and maintenance costs are reduced, and the reliability and uptime of the equipment are improved.


    Design capability (t/d)1502002503003504005006007508001000
    productActivated lime light burnt dolomiteActive lime
    Effective volume(m³)142190235292390430505575/5486707381005
    Combustion temperature1350/12501350/12501350/12501350/12501350135013501350135013501350

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