Ceramic Rotary Kiln

The ceramic rotary kiln is a rotating cylindrical equipment that integrates material preheating, drying, and firing. It is primarily used for the calcination of ceramic pellets. The ceramic pellet kiln features a high volumetric capacity, long service life, high operational efficiency, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency, and low energy consumption. There is no doubt that ceramic pellet rotary kiln is an ideal equipment for calcining ceramic pellets.

    The Ceramic Rotary Kiln consists of a cylinder, feeding device, supporting device, supporting device with baffle wheel, kiln head, kiln tail sealing device, combustion device, dust removal device, motor, and other parts.

    Working Principle

    In a ceramic pellet rotary kiln, pulverized coal is burned to produce heat, which is then used to heat the material through gas conduction or radiation. The ceramic pellet rotary kiln rotates continuously at a designed inclination and speed, causing the raw materials to tumble and advance periodically, and convey from the feeding end to the discharge end. As the raw material passes through the rotary kiln, it undergoes calcination and transforms into a qualified clinker.

    Applications of Ceramsite

    Ceramsite is a lightweight aggregate produced in a rotary kiln. These ceramic pellets have several excellent properties, including low density, high cylinder strength, high porosity, high softening coefficient, good frost resistance, and resistance to alkali-aggregate reactions. They are widely used in building materials, horticulture, food and beverage, refractory insulation materials, and chemical and petroleum fields.


    Simple Structure and High Efficiency
    Ceramic pellet rotary kiln has the advantages of simple structure, high unit volume, high operation rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency and low heat consumption.
    Automatic Control
    It’s safer to use a ceramic pellet rotary kiln with automatic temperature control and an over-temperature alarm function. And it can make full use of the waste heat of the secondary air intake.
    Stable Operation and High Output
    Ceramic rotary kilns have sealing technology at the kiln head and tail that ensures stable operation, and high production, and prevents material and heat leakage. This technology provides excellent sealing performance, making the production process safe and efficient.
    Ensure Longevity of Products to Reduce Costs
    Shanghai YingYong Machinery's ceramic pellet rotary kilns are durable and cost-effective. They can withstand high temperatures and heavy workloads while maintaining stable performance.


    Specifications (m)Output per hour(m3/h)Annual output (10,000 m3/a)  Slope (%)Cylinder speed(r/min)ReducerCylinder speed(r/min)Power(kW)
     Preheating kilnφ1.25×18 2.95~3.94 1.8~2.4 41.0~5.0 ZQ500 YCT225-4A 11 
    Calcining kilnφ1.6×14 2.95~3.941.8~2.441.0~5.0 ZQ650 YCT225-4B 15 
    Preheating kilnφ1.55×20 4.36~5.81 2.67~3.5 1.0~5.0 ZQ650 YCT250-4A 18.5 
    Calcining kilnφ1.9×16 4.36~5.812.67~3.541.0~5.0 ZQ750 YCT250-4B 22 
    Preheating kilnφ1.8×22 5.9~7.8713.61~4.81.0~5.0 ZQ750 YCT250-4B 22 
    Calcining kilnφ2.2×18 5.9~7.8713.61~4.841.0~5.0 ZQ750 YCT250-4B 22 
    Preheating kilnφ2.0×24 7.42~9.88 4.54~6 1.0~5.0 ZSY224 YCT280-4B 30 
    Calcining kilnφ2.5×20 7.42~9.884.54~641.0~5.0 ZSY224 YCT315-4A 37 
    Preheating kilnφ3.0×20- φ2.5×12 9.5~17.51 8.04~10.7 1.0~5.0 ZS1450 YCT355-4B 75 
    Calcining kilnφ3.0×22 9.5~17.518.04~10.741.0~5.0 ZS1250 YCT355-4A 55 
    Preheating kiln φ3.2×20- φ2.8×14 13.9~16.2 10.0~11.5 1.0~5.0 ZS1450 YCT355-4A 55 
    Calcining kilnφ3.0×22 13.9~16.210.0~11.541.0~5.0ZS1250YCT355-4A55

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