Vertical Coal Mill

Input Size: particle size 15-40mm,
Material: Coal, limestone, calcite, quicklime, dolomite, talc, calcium carbonate, gypsum, kaolin and petroleum coke and etc.
Application field: Coal vertical mills are widely used in cement production, calcium carbonate crushing processing, coal powder preparation stations, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, phosphate rock grinding, metallurgical industry and other non-metallic ore powder making, etc.


    The coal vertical mill, also referred to as the vertical roller coal mill, is an advanced equipment developed by our company. It combines modern technology with our extensive experience in powder manufacturing. This coal pulverizer efficiently integrates coal grinding and drying, providing high-performance and energy-saving features. It is widely used in various industries such as cement, electric power, iron and steel, and metallurgy. Our grinding roller coal mill has a simple process, compact equipment, low dust emission, and efficient combustion of coal powder.

    Working Principle

    During operation, the main motor drives the grinding disc through a reducer. Hot air enters the vertical mill through the inlet, while the raw coal is fed evenly into the center of the grinding disc via the conveyor. The raw coal is crushed by the grinding roller as it moves evenly to the edge under the influence of centrifugal force. The crushed fine powder is carried away by the airflow from the air ring, and the qualified fine powder is collected and discharged as finished powder. Material that does not meet the fineness requirements is returned to the grinding disc for further grinding. The difficult-to-grind sundries mixed in are discharged out of the main machine through the scraper.

    vrm cement mill
    vertical roller mill


    High efficiency and High Capacity
    Compared with the traditional old vertical mill of the same type, the coal vertical mill can increase the output by 20-50%, and reduce the operating power consumption of the coal mill.
    High-Quality Coal Powder Production
    Our coal vertical mill utilizes advanced dynamic and static separators for efficient particle separation during coal grinding. The advanced control system and grinding structure precisely control key parameters, ensuring the desired fineness and quality of coal powder.
    Operational safety
    The coal vertical mill equipment from Shanghai YingYong is designed with a strong and reliable structure, including secure parts connection to ensure stability and reliability. Furthermore, the equipment comes equipped with safety devices to ensure safe operation.
    Longer Service Life
    The sleeve of the grinding roller can be turned over and reused, which can extend the lifespan of the wear-resistant materials. The grinding roller shaft is lubricated with thin oil and uses circulating forced lubrication, providing excellent stability and a long service life.
    Scientific Design
    The vertical coal mill has a hydraulic device that enables easy removal of the grinding rollers from outside the machine, making it convenient for maintenance. The hydraulic system provides ample space for inspection work. Additionally, the coal mill can be started without load, reducing the difficulty of starting up.
    Minimize environmental pollution
    Through it's unique design of sealing structure, the coal vertical mill system can maintain negative pressure to avoid dust spillage, and the noise is also effectively controlled. During the production process, a special air box type pulse dust collector is used for coal dust collection to ensure that the dust emission concentration meets the national standards. This environmental protection design makes the coal vertical mill meet the environmental protection requirements and have less impact on the environment.


    Application: used in pulverized coal injection, coal-fired boilers for power generation and heating boilers in the metallurgical industry, coal powder preparation in shaft kiln, coal chemical industry.

    Type specificationVRM800MVRM1100MVRM1250MVRM1300MVRM1500MVRM1700MVRM1900MVRM2200M
    Yield (t/h)3~55~89~1313~1718~2222~3030~4040~50
    Maximum feed size (mm)1520252530303540
    Raw coal moisture (%)<10
    Fineness of pulverized coal (200 mesh pass %)80
    Coal moisture content (%)≤1
    Main motor Power (kW)55110132180250-250315-280400500

    Note: The original coal Hastelloy index is ≥55

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