Raw Material Vertical Mill

Input Size: particle size 20-40mm

Output: 480 tons/hour

Material: limestone, clay, sand, iron ore, etc.

Application field: cement raw material grinding, slag powder production, calcium carbonate pulverization, pulverized coal preparation station, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, phosphate rock grinding, metallurgical industry, ultra-fine grinding industry, other non-metallic mineral powder, etc.


    The raw material vertical mill, as a technically mature and high-performance grinding and drying equipment, is widely used in industries such as cement, chemical, coal, and electric power. This product has unique advantages, integrating drying, grinding, and powder selection, and has become the mainstream equipment in the cement grinding industry.

    Working Principle

    The vertical mill is made up of various components, which include a powder separator, a grinding roller device, a grinding table device, a pressure device, a reducer, a motor, and a shell. The separator is an energy-saving and high-efficiency powder-separating device. The grinding roller is responsible for grinding and crushing the material, while the grinding table device is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer to provide the function of the grinding roller for grinding the material. The pressure device is a component that supplies adequate grinding pressure to the grinding roller to ensure that the material is fully crushed.

    vertical cement mill
    vrm cement mill


    High grinding efficiency
    The vertical mill increases grinding force through hydraulic pressure, improving production capacity and grinding efficiency.
    Precise Material Grinding
    Our vertical roller mill is equipped with a safety device to prevent accidental contact between the grinding rollers and the grinding ring, which reduces equipment wear and vibration.
    Low energy consumption
    The raw material vertical mill uses grinding rollers to directly crush and grind materials on the grinding disc, resulting in lower energy consumption. Compared to ball milling systems, it saves energy by 30% to 40%.
    Minimal Wear
    In grinding, the roller and disc don't touch directly; both are made of high-quality materials to ensure minimal wear and long service life.
    Comprehensive Drying Capacity
    The raw material vertical mill combines the functions of grinding and drying, which can effectively dry raw materials while grinding, improve overall efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
    Widely Applicable
    The raw material vertical mill has become widely applied in various industries such as cement, chemical, coal, and power, suitable for different types of raw materials.

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