New Dry Process Cement Production Line – Zambia

  • Capacity: 1200 TPD
  • Process: New dry cement production process

Project Background

Zambia is an African country rich in mineral resources. And the cement, a crucial raw material for construction and infrastructure development, plays a significant role in the nation's development. However, the traditional cement production processes has a bad impact on the environment and consume a large amount of resource. In order to improve the efficiency and environmental friendliness of cement production, a company in Zambia has introduced a new type of dry production technology. They constructed a daily output of 1,200 tons per day new dry cement production line. The annual production capacity will be 372,000 tons of cement clinker and 558,000 tons of cement.

Project Features

Modern Production Line
The cement production line was constructed using advanced equipment and technology to ensure automation and high efficiency, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.
New Dry Process Technology
This project adopts a new dry process for cement production. Equipped with advanced drying equipment and utilize preheating and pre-decomposition techniques. Compared to traditional wet process methods, it enables more efficient utilization of raw materials, reduces energy consumption and exhaust emissions, and has a smaller environmental impact.
Environmental Friendly
This project emphasizes environmental principles and contributes to sustainable development by reducing emissions and resource consumption, thus minimizing adverse impacts on the environment.
Talent Training
During the implementation of the project, we pay more attention to employees with comprehensive training, just make sure they can operate proficiently.

Host Device Parameter Table

NO.Project NameSpecificationsAmountCapacity(t/h)machine installation(kW)
1Limestone CrushingSingle-stage hammer crusher  Maximum feeding particle size: ≤ 1000x1000mm 

Discharging particle size: ≤ 70mm
2Auxiliary CrushingHammer crusher feed particle size: ≤ 600mm

Discharge particle size: 90% ≤ 25mm
3Limestone pre-homogenized yardConveyor belt113002005065
4Raw coal crushingHammer-type Crusher Feed Size: ≤ 300mm 

Discharge particle size: 90% ≤ 25mm
5Exhaust gas treatmentRoller mill feed particle size: ≤ 70mm

Discharge fineness: 80μm, with 12% remaining on the sieve

Feed moisture: ≤ 3%

Discharge moisture: ≤ 0.5%
Raw material mill recirculation fan handling air volume: 220,000 m3/h 

Inlet negative pressure: 10,000 Pa 

Air temperature: 90℃ (Max).250℃
1 900
Inlet Negative Pressure: 7500Pa

Operating Temperature: 300 to 350°C
1 630
kiln Tail Handling Air Volume: 230,000 m3/h 

Flue Gas Temperature: ≤ 200℃ 

Net Filtration Air Velocity: ≤ 0.95 m/min 

Inlet Dust Content: ≤ 100 g/Nm3 

Outlet Dust Content: ≤ 30 mg/Nm3.
Exhaust Fan for Tail Gas Treatment:

Air Volume: 250,000 m3/h 

Inlet Negative Pressure: 2000 Pa

Operating Temperature: Up to 180°C
1 200
6Clinker burning systemC1 Cyclone:1-Æ5450C2Æ5450C31-Æ5450C41-Æ5700C51-Æ5700 

Disintegration FurnaceÆ 4600×27500
Spec:Ø 3.3×50m Rotation Speed:0.36-3.57 r/min11200t/d160
Grate cooler spec:2.8×15.3m11200t/d45+37
Kiln head electric dust collector processing air volume: 160,000m3/h 

Flue gas temperature:200~250℃
Kiln head exhaust fan air volume: 165000m3/h  

Air pressure: 1860Pa
1 110
7Coal Powder Preparation and ConveyanceAir-swept grinding:Æ2.8×(5.75+2.25)m115500
Net filtration air velocity: ≤ 0.9m/min 

Dust content at the outlet: ≤ 30mg/Nm3
Coal mill exhaust fan airflow: 43,000 m3/h
Pressure: 7,000 Pa
1 132
8Grinding and Conveying of CementCement mill Spec: F3.2×13m1501600
Air Volume Handling Capacity: 90,000 m3/h

Feeding Capacity: 225 t/h

Product Fineness: 3200~3600 cm2/g
Net filtering air velocity: ≤ 1 m/min

Outlet dust content: ≤ 30 mg/Nm3
Cement mill exhaust fan airflow: 109,000 m3/h

Static pressure: 7,500 Pa
1 315
9Gypsum crushingJaw crusher feed size: ≤ 600mm

Discharge fineness: 90%≤ 25mm
10Cement packagingEight nozzles rotary packaging machine  

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