Unsintered Material Issues in Rotary Kiln Equipment

In the world of industrial manufacturing, rotary kilns are indispensable tools for various processes, including cement production, metallurgy, and chemical processing. These roatry furnaces are designed to heat, sinter, or treat materials efficiently. However, like any complex machinery, rotary kilns are susceptible to issues that can affect product quality and production efficiency. One common challenge is the occurrence of unsintered material, which can disrupt operations and compromise the final product.

Unsintered material, often referred to as "raw material in process," is a condition where the material being processed in the rotary kiln has not fully matured or undergone the desired chemical reactions.

1. The Issue of Unsintered Material May be Caused by the Following Reasons.

1.1 Inadequate Coal Feeding and Excessive Decrease in Kiln Tail Temperature

Insufficient coal feeding and a significant drop in temperature can result in incomplete maturation of the raw materials.

1.2 Preheater

Preheater collapse, raw material surging into the calcination zone, and overflowing from the kiln head. Preheater issues and abnormal flow of raw materials can lead to the escape of raw materials from the kiln head.

1.3 The Flame End is Effected by the Raw Materials

The flame end is affected by the raw material, leading to a decrease in kiln head temperature, fluctuating negative pressure at the kiln head, reduced kiln electrical current, and elevated grate temperature. These issues can occur due to improper pressure of the raw material on the kiln head area, resulting in a drop in kiln head temperature and other problems.

2. Solutions

2.1 Control Feeding and Kiln Speed

To alleviate the decrease in kiln pressure and temperature, you can reduce the coal feeding and lower the kiln speed. This can be achieved by monitoring the rotary calciner tail temperature. If the temperature drops significantly, reduce the coal feeding accordingly.

2.2 Timely Coal Addition and Feeding

When there are signs of unsintered material, you can increase the coal feeding appropriately. If unsintered material has already occurred, and the kiln head temperature drops sharply, you should reduce the feeding of both materials and coal moderately. Once the kiln current and calcination zone temperature begin to rise, you can gradually increase the feeding of materials and coal while raising the kiln speed, but the feeding rate should not be too high.

2.3 Dealing with Preheater Malfunctions

Regularly inspect and maintain the preheater to ensure its stable operation, preventing incidents of preheater material collapse and raw material surging into the calcination zone. If a preheater malfunction is detected causing raw material to enter the calcination zone, it is essential to promptly address the preheater issue to ensure that raw materials do not enter the calcination zone.

2.4 Dealing with Suppressed Rotary Kiln Head

If the kiln head is suppressed by the raw material, you need to take some appropriate measures to alleviate this situation. Typically, you can moderately increase the coal feed rate to raise the kiln head temperature and ensure normal kiln head pressure and current.

2.5 Controlling Material Bed Agitation Inside the Rotating Kiln

Material bed agitation inside the kiln typically results in uneven maturation of raw materials. This issue can be identified by monitoring the temperature under the grate. Once detected, appropriate measures should be taken to improve kiln airflow and combustion.

3. In conclusion

The issue of unsintered material will affect the efficiency and product quality of rotary kiln production. By taking the above measures, we can effectively address the issue of unsintered material, ensuring that the materials undergo thorough maturation and reaction inside the kiln to produce high-quality final products. Additionally, regular equipment inspections and maintenance are crucial for preventing raw unsintered material issues and ensuring the stable operation of the rotary kiln equipment.

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