Rod Charger

Rod charger is used for adding grinding medium to rod mill. The main purpose is to add the medium-steel rod into rod mill. Equipment has the features of small floor space, high automation, good safety, and can move with rod.


    The ROD CHARGER includes 1 base frame assembly, 2 fixing frame assembly, 3 mobile frame assembly, and 4 storage frame assembly roller shifter system. The assembly of the fixed frame and the assembly of the storage frame are fixed on the bottom frame by bolts; the movable frame is assembled on the fixed frame and moves in parallel, and the movable frame is assembled to the entrance of the rod mill and locked in position by a pin. The steel bars on the storage rack assembly will roll down on the assembly rails of the movable rack and the fixed rack due to its own weight. The steel rod will be accelerated by the idler roller and reach the speed through the drive of friction, and finally the steel rod will enter the rod mill at a certain speed at a parabolic speed.


    Durable and Long-lasting
    The main parts are made of wear-resistant materials after special treatment, which can be continuously pressed for production and durable.
    Low Energy Consumption
    It is suitable for compression molding of various biomass raw materials, with low energy consumption and high production efficiency.
    Long Life Span
    Our rod charger adopts oil-immersed lubrication to replace the old-fashioned oil-applied lubrication, so it can be used for many years.
    Reduce Friction
    Our machines reduce the friction between machinery and raw materials, and increase the density of mandrel.
    Small Floor Space
    The equipment occupies a small area, has a high degree of automation, good safety, and can move with the pole.
    High Efficiency
    Automated processing: The bar feeder utilizes sensors and control systems to precisely control the machining process, improving production efficiency.


    Rod Diameter (mm)Φ50~120
    Charger Capacity (mm)  3200~6200
    Power (KW)11
    Speed (r/min)279
    Model6IK180GU-CF 6GU50RC
    Power (KW)0.18
    Travel speed (m/min)5.3
    Outline dimensional(mm)~7910×4125×2020
    Total weight (t)~5.25
    MAX load (t)~26

    Trouble shooting:

    NoResultPossible reasonCorrective measure
    1The rod do not move forward or move very slowly when theroller is working.The roller is in the wrong position.Adjust the position or replace with a new roller.
    2The belt often slips1. Insufficient friction.
    2. The belt is too loose.
    1. Maintain the belt regularly
    2. Adjust the number of belts.

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