Ceramic Ball Mill

Ceramic ball mill is a new type of energy-saving ball mill developed by domestic mineral processing machinery experts combined with the latest domestic ball mill technology. It not only improves production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ores crushing.

    The ceramic ball mill is mainly used for mixing and grinding materials, so that the product has uniform fineness and saves power. Can be used dry or wet. The machine can adopt different liner types according to production needs to meet different needs. The fineness of the grinding operation is controlled by the grinding time. The motor starts from decompression to reduce the starting current, and its structure is divided into integral and independent. This product has the characteristics of less investment, energy saving and power saving compared with similar products, novel structure, easy operation, safe use, stable and reliable performance and so on.

    Working Principle

    The motor drives the cylinder to rotate through the deceleration device. The crushed ore and steel balls in the cylinder are brought to a certain height by the lining plate under the action of friction and centrifugal force when the cylinder rotates. It is gradually crushed under the action of impact and grinding. The crushed ore is discharged out of the cylinder through the discharge part. After the discharged minerals are classified into qualified products in the spiral classifier, the coarse sand passes through the joint feeder and returns to the ball mill for further grinding. The feeder feeds continuously and evenly, the ore enters the ball mill continuously and evenly through the joint feeder, and the ground materials are continuously discharged from the ceramic ball mill. Ceramic ball mill is a grinding equipment that can work continuously 24 hours a day.


    Energy Efficient
    Develop high-efficiency and energy-saving large-scale mine complete sets of equipment, which can save energy by 40% compared with common mineral processing equipment, and the mineral processing efficiency is high.
    Dust Removal
    Effectively reduce the harm of mine dust to the human body, improve the efficiency of work slowed down by the influence of dust, and meet the requirements of environmental protection production.
    Intelligent Production, Safe and Reliable
    Based on mine intelligent mineral processing technology, we are committed to becoming an integrated solution provider for intelligent mines; intelligent manufacturing and safe production.
    Durable and Long-lasting
    The shape of the ceramic ball mill is sleek and novel, the color is beautiful, and the owner can choose freely; the operation noise is small, and the equipment has high wear resistance;
    Energy Saving and Cost Reduction
    Compare to similar ball mills, our ceramic ball mill has the characteristics of less investment, energy saving and power saving.
    Full range of models to meet your needs
    According to the material specific gravity, hardness, output and other factors, the appropriate model, liner, and medium type grid ball mill can be selected comprehensively.


    ModelsLoading Capacity (ton/time)Cylinder speed (rpm)Power (KW)

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