Hazardous Waste Rotary Kiln

The hazardous waste rotary kiln is one of the most effective equipment used for treating hazardous waste. It is designed to handle solid waste, waste liquid, waste gas, waste slurry in hazardous waste, and more. The rotary kiln equipment can regulate the duration of the waste treatment by changing the rotational speed. In addition, it uses high-temperature air and excess oxygen to cause strong mechanical collisions with hazardous waste, which leads to the complete combustion of the waste. This process minimizes the amount of ash produced for subsequent process treatment.

    Working Principle

    Solid waste is introduced into the rotary kiln through a feeder. The waste is then subjected to high-temperature incineration for about 60 minutes (45-70 minutes) until it is completely burned into the high-temperature flue gas and ash residue. The rotary kiln's rotational speed can be adjusted to maintain a stable slag layer that is approximately 50 mm thick. This slag layer serves to protect the refractory layer. The operating temperature of the rotary kiln must be kept under control at around 850°C. The high-temperature flue gas and ash are directed to the secondary combustion chamber from the end of the kiln. The incineration ash is sent to the slag discharger from the end of the kiln and is regularly disposed of at the stabilization/curing plant.

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    Large Processing Capacity
    Hazardous waste rotary kiln equipment can incinerate solid, liquid, and gas waste with varying capacities and adaptability to different waste types.
    High Incineration Efficiency and Heat Utilization Rate
    The high-heat furnace of the hazardous waste rotary kiln incinerates large quantities of waste. The materials undergo three types of heat transfer, improving the heat utilization rate.
    Adopt High Quality Materials
    The lining is made of high quality refractory material, which has a long service life and is easy to replace, reducing operating costs.
    Easy Operation and Maintenance
    The transmission mechanism is simple, and the transmission mechanism is all in the kiln shell, so the equipment is safe to run and simple to maintain.
    Hazardous Waste can be Achieved Harmlessly
    The rotary kiln incinerates hazardous waste at high temperatures up to 1100°C, allowing for complete pyrolysis and partial burning of low-combustion-point waste.
    Great Sealing Device
    The hazardous waste rotary kiln has two seals: graphite and fish scale flake. They provide excellent sealing and negative pressure to prevent harmful gases from leaking out.


    SpecificationsProduction Capacity (t/d)Kiln Speed (r/min)Motor Power (kw)
    Ø2.6×9150.06~3 (adjustable speed)15
    Ø3.0×13300.06~3 (adjustable speed)22
    Ø3.3×12500.06~3 (adjustable speed)22
    Ø3.6×11700.06~3 (adjustable speed)37
    Ø3.8×161000.06~3 (adjustable speed)37
    Ø4.3×16100-1200.06~3 (adjustable speed)45

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