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Shanghai Yingyong Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to providing comprehensive mechanical equipment solutions for customers in industries such as cement, building materials, thermal power, mining, metallurgy and steel, and providing services such as technical consultation, equipment procurement, installation and commissioning.

We are able to provide customers with comprehensive solutions to meet their needs in the field of machinery and equipment. We will always adhere to the principles of high quality, high efficiency and customer first, and strive to create greater value for customers.

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Project investment budget and design services

Based on the specific requirements of our clients, we provide project investment budget and design services, assisting clients in formulating project investment budgets and offering relevant design support to ensure efficient implementation within the budget.

Equipment Procurement Inquiry Service, Equipment Procurement and Inspection Services

We provide equipment procurement inquiry service, assisting clients in obtaining quotations and technical specifications from equipment suppliers. We also offer equipment procurement and inspection services to ensure that the purchased equipment meets quality standards and client requirements.

Project Risk Control Management Service

We provide project risk control management services by conducting comprehensive assessments of project risks and developing corresponding risk management plans and control measures. Our aim is to ensure the smooth progress of the project while minimizing potential risks.

Production Line Equipment Database Construction Service

We provide production line equipment database construction services, which involve collecting, organizing, and managing relevant data of production line equipment. This helps our clients establish comprehensive equipment databases and enhances equipment management and operational efficiency.

Maintenance and Technical Transformation Services, Technical Consulting and Training Services

We provide equipment repair and technical transformation services, and provide customers with support in equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and technical improvement. In addition, we also provide technical consulting and training services to help customers understand and master relevant technical knowledge.

EPC General Contracting for Engineering Construction, Project Supervision, Project Acceptance

We provide EPC general contracting services for engineering construction, encompassing end-to-end project management including planning, design, procurement, construction, and commissioning. Additionally, we offer project supervision services to ensure that the construction process adheres to quality standards and contractual requirements. Finally, we provide project acceptance services to ensure smooth completion of the project during the quality acceptance and delivery phases.

Our Service Management System

Our company has 8 professional service systems, to meet the different needs of customers in the international market and provide a comprehensive solution to customers’ various problems in business.

Database Management


24/24h Engineers Team

Online Consulting

Production Management


Quality Control



Chain Management

Experts Stayed In Factory

For Guidance

Contract Energy



Risk Management

Our Service Tenet

Think about what you think about, do what you need, worry about what you worry about, focus on customers’ requirements.







As an integrated service platform, we provide a full range of services from technical consulting, equipment procurement, installation and commissioning to project management. You don’t need to coordinate with multiple companies and save time.


We help customers reduce investment costs through customized solutions, equipment procurement advantages, shortened project construction cycles, high-quality after-sales maintenance services, as well as resource integration and optimization.


With a comprehensive team of technical talents, we are able to provide project consulting and design services. At the same time, we combine international advanced technology and China’s manufacturing advantages to introduce advanced technology into China and provide customers with higher quality mechanical equipment and solutions.


We have established relationships with several large equipment manufacturers and are able to obtain the most appropriate machinery and equipment for our customers. A strong supply chain ensures timely delivery of equipment.


We provide original or certified spare parts for machinery and equipment to ensure that customers can promptly access the required components when needed, avoiding production delays caused by missing parts.








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