As one of the key equipment of clinker firing systems in cement production, the main role of grate coolers is to cool and convey cement clinker. At the same time, the grate cooler can also provide hot air for rotary kilns and decomposition furnaces, etc., to realize the recycling of heat energy.


    The grate cooler is mainly composed of upper casing, lower casing, grate bed, grate bed transmission device, grate bed support device, clinker crusher, leakage zipper machine, automatic lubrication device and cooling air unit.

    Working Principle

    The cement clinker enters the inlet end of the grate cooler, and the grate's movement pushes the cement clinker from the inlet end to the outlet end. The cold air is blown from the bottom of the material bed upwards into the material layer and passes through the grate plate for sufficient heat exchange with the clinker. Under the effect of cold air, the cement clinker is gradually cooled. After cooling the clinker, the cooling air becomes hot air. The high-temperature hot air at the hot end is used as combustion air in the kiln and decomposition furnaces, and part of the hot air can also be used for drying. Hot air utilization can achieve the purpose of heat recovery, and reduce the heat consumption of the system; the excess hot air will be discharged into the atmosphere after dust collection treatment. 

    The cooled small pieces of clinker fall through the grate screen into the conveyor after the grate cooler; the large pieces are crushed, cooled, and remitted into the conveyor. The fine clinker and dust leak into the collecting hopper through the grate joints and grate holes of the grate bed. When the material level in the hopper reaches a certain height, the airlock valve controlled by the material level sensing system will open automatically and the leaking fines will enter the leakage zipper under the machine and be transported away. When the remaining fine material in the bucket can still seal the air lock valve, the valve plate is closed to ensure no air leakage.


    Long Service Life and Low Energy Consumption
    Our company's cooler has adopted a high-efficiency new grate plate structure, resulting in minimal material leakage. Furthermore, this design helps to reduce wear and tear on the grate plate, thus extending its service life. The zipper machine operates intermittently to minimize failure rates and power consumption.
    Scientific Design
    The grate bed design includes a partitioned and pulsating air supply to control air quantity in each cooling area, enabling quick cooling of the clinker. This improves clinker strength, wear resistance, and heat recovery efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings.
    Simple Structure and Easy Maintenance
    The cooler features a new material sealing valve structure, reducing air leakage. It has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.
    Modular Design to Reduce Operating Costs
    The modular design reduces installation costs and speeds up installation.


    ModelEffective area (m2)Capacity(t/d)Note
    LS2413281000-1250Mechanical transmission
    LS271739.61500-1700Mechanical transmission
    LS271843.81700-1900Mechanical transmission
    LS3322622500-2800Hydraulic transmission
    LS3323652600-3000Hydraulic transmission
    LS332473.82800-3300Hydraulic transmission
    LS332680.53200-3500Hydraulic transmission
    LS3625853400-3800Hydraulic transmission
    LS3925903500-4000Hydraulic transmission
    LS3928100.34000-4500Hydraulic transmission
    LS39331215000-5500Hydraulic transmission
    LS3936134.25500-6000Hydraulic transmission
    LS39381405800-6300Hydraulic transmission
    LS42401516000-6800Hydraulic transmission
    LS4842187.57500-8500Hydraulic transmission
    LS51422008000-9600Hydraulic transmission
    LS544925010000-12000Hydraulic transmission

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