Fly Ash Ball Mill

The fly ash ball mill is a crucial equipment for crushing and grinding materials. It is suitable for dry or wet grinding of various ores and other materials. So it is widely used in industries such as ore beneficiation, building materials, and chemical engineering.


    The fly ash ball mill mainly consists of the feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, and transmission part (including the reducer, small driving gear, motor, and electrical control). Among them, the hollow shaft is made of cast steel and the lining can be replaced. The rotary gear is processed by casting hobbing. The cylinder is lined with a wear-resistant liner, which has good wear resistance.

    The main engine of the fly ash ball mill includes a cylinder, which is inlaid with a lining made of wear-resistant materials, bearings that carry the cylinder and maintain its rotation, and drive parts, such as motors, transmission gears, pulleys, V-belts, etc.The outstanding design makes the machine run more smoothly.

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    Working Principle

    According to the size selection of the material, the material is fed into the cylinder of the ball mill through the feeding end. When the cylinder of the ball mill starts rotating, the grinding media adheres to the lining plates near the cylinder. Due to the influence of inertia, centrifugal force, and friction, as the cylinder rotates, the grinding media reaches a certain height. At this point, the grinding media falls and crushes the materials within the cylinder.

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    Stable output and reliable quality
    The fly ash ball mill is equipped with a wide discharge opening to accelerate the speed of discharged materials and reduce pulverization of fly ash, thus achieving a more uniform particle size distribution.
    Compact structure with high operational performance
    The mill adopts a center single-drive transmission method, which makes its structure more compact, improves grinding efficiency, and enhances operational reliability.
    Effectively reduce energy consumption
    The grooved ring design liner effectively increases the surface area of contact between the ball and ash powder, which enhances the grinding effect of fly ash and reduces the energy consumption of the ball mill at the same time.
    Reduced noise and long gear life
    Fly ash ball mill adopts the a large modulus alloy steel cast gear design, which effectively reduces the operation noise of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the gears.
    Automatic control
    The fly ash ball mill utilizes PLC automation centralized control, making the operation and maintenance easier and more convenient.
    Small friction, low energy consumption
    Fly ash ball mill adopts new lubrication structure. Compared with traditional ball mill, the oil consumption of the fly ash ball mill is only 75% of general ball mill, which effectively reduces the friction generated in the operation of the equipment.


    Spec./mSpeed(r/min)Easy Grinding ( Capacity t/h )Hard Grinding ( Capacity t/h )Grinding Media Loading (t)Main Motor(KW)Main ReducerWeight ( t )
    Φ2.1 x8.523.918-1914-1536475ZD7066
    Φ2.1 x1023.919-2015-1642475ZD7070
    Φ2.2x 1321.525-2620-2158630ZD80114
    Φ 2.4x1220.329-3022-2363800MBY630128
    Φ3.2x 1317.855-6043-481281600MBY900230

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