HP Bowl Coal Mill

High-efficiency HP bowl coal mill is a new type of energy-saving product launched by our company, which aims to solve the technical problems of low output and high energy consumption of industrial mills. It is developed on the basis of traditional HP vertical medium-speed coal mills. The basic frame and roller loading method have been retained while enhancing the roller structure and dynamic separator. This improvement significantly reduces the circulation rate of pulverized coal, increases the mill’s output, and reduces the ventilation resistance of the system. These advantages are clearly evident when compared to conventional HP pulverizers.


    Input Size: ≤38mm

    Capacity:31.7-119.7 T/H

    Material: The coal vertical mill can be used for grinding bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, petroleum coke, coke, asphalt and other materials; limestone, lime, barite, talc, gypsum, cement raw material, slag, cement and other industrial grinding fields.

    Application field: It is a kind of grinding equipment integrating drying, grinding and powder selection, which is widely used in coal chemical, thermal power, steel and non-metallic mineral grinding fields.

    Main Structure

    The high-efficiency HP bowl coal mill consists primarily of a falling coal pipe, a gate valve for exporting pulverized coal, a dynamic separator device, a spring-loaded device, a high-efficiency roller device, a bowl-grinding device, and stone coal collection devices. Additionally, it includes transmissions, bases, housings, and other components. The dynamic separator serves as an efficient and energy-saving device for powder selection. The roller device is responsible for grinding and crushing the material. The grinding device is securely mounted on the output shaft of the speed reducer, serving as the area where the roller exerts force on the material. A spring-loaded device plays a crucial role by providing grinding pressure to the roller, ensuring sufficient force to crush the material effectively.

    Working Principle

    The electric motor drives the grinding disc through the reducer, so that the material falls on the center of the grinding disc from the inlet, while the hot air enters the mill from the inlet. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is brought up to the edge of the grinding disc by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring. The large particles fall directly to the grinding disc for regrinding. When the material in the airflow enters the upper separator, the coarse powder falls from the cone bucket to the grinding disc for regrinding under the action of the rotating rotor, and the qualified fine powder comes out of the mill together with the airflow and is collected by the dust collection device, which is the product. Materials containing moisture are dried in the process of contact with hot gas. By adjusting the hot air temperature, it can meet the requirements of different humidity materials and reach all the required product moisture. By adjusting the separator, the HP bowl coal mill can achieve the required coarseness and fineness for different products.

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    Small Footprint and Low Investment Cost
    HP bowl coal mill system has simple structure and compact layout. Compared with the ball mill system, the occupied area is only about 50%. In addition, the system can be arranged in the open air, which significantly reduces investment costs.
    Low Operating Cost and Low Energy Consumption
    The HP bowl type coal mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding and classifying and conveying. It uses grinding rollers to grind the materials directly on the grinding plate, which has low energy consumption, saving 30% to 40% compared with the ball mill system.
    Less Wear and Long Service Life
    The system has a long service life and low wear due to the fact that the rollers are not in direct contact with the disc, and the rollers and liners are made of high quality materials.
    High milling efficiency
    Our HP boal mills are equipped hydraulic pressure. As we all know, the hydraulic pressure can increase increase grinding force, to a certain extent, our it increases production, and milling efficiency. Also, our equipment is also equipped with a stopper device to only grind the materials, which can prevent accidental contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, thereby avoiding equipment wear.
    Strong Drying Capacity
    HP bowl mill has strong drying capacity, and the feed moisture can reach up to 15%. It can save one dryer for the mill system, save energy, and can meet the different humidity materials by adjusting the hot air temperature.
    High selection accuracy
    According to the different particle size requirements of the finished products, the separators use cage separators (high-efficiency static and dynamic separators) and conical rotor separators (high-efficiency dynamic separators).


    modelDisc diameter(mm)Roller diameter(mm)Input(mm)Capacity(t/h)Air volume(t/h)Disc speed(r/min)Power(Kw)Weight(T)

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