Autogenous Mill & Semi-autogenous Mill

Autogenous tumbling mill, also known as media-free grinding machine, can directly process raw ore from the quarry or ore that has been coarsely crushed. The biggest feature of the autogenous mill is the large crushing ratio. The feed size of AG mill can reach 300~400mm or even larger, while the minimum discharge size can reach 0.1mm, and the crushing ratio can reach 3000~4000. In comparison, the feed size of ball mill is usually between 20-30mm, while the product size is between 0-3mm.


    The wet autogenous grinding system is composed of wet autogenous mill, particle size control operation, secondary grinding equipment and processing facilities for difficult-to-grind particle grades. Usually the minerals are fed into the mill rod mill according to a certain size ratio. The autogenous mill can grind the material to 0.074mm at one time, and its content accounts for more than 20% to 50% of the total product. The crushing ratio can reach 4000-5000, more than ten times higher than that of ball and rod mills.

    Working Principle

    Autogenous mill is a new type of ore grinding equipment with both crushing and grinding functions. It uses the material itself as the medium to achieve crushing through mutual impact and grinding. The autogenous mill has two driving modes: variable speed and fixed speed with different power, and some autogenous mills are also equipped with micro-motion devices. It is equipped with a cylinder jacking device for easy maintenance; for large mills, in order to eliminate the static resistance moment when starting, modern advanced technologies such as hydrostatic bearings are used to ensure the safe operation of the autogenous mill.


    High efficiency and energy saving
    The autogenous mill does not need media and grinds the ore directly, which reduces energy consumption and media consumption.
    Larger crushing ratio
    The autogenous mill has a large crushing ratio, which can crush the larger size ore to a smaller size and improve the fineness of the ore.
    Simplify the process
    Since the autogenous mill can directly process the raw ore or the ore after coarse crushing, it can simplify the beneficiation process and reduce the intermediate links and equipment investment.
    Wide range of applications
    The autogenous mill can adapt to ores of different hardness and content, with high adaptability, and is suitable for grinding operations of many kinds of ores.
    Easy maintenance
    The structure of the autogenous mill is relatively simple, which makes maintenance and upkeep more convenient, reduces maintenance downtime.
    Low energy consumption
    Compared with other crushing equipment, autogenous mill can usually complete the task of crushing ore with lower energy consumption, which reduces the production cost.


    model ( Length can be customized)(mm)
    cylinder diameter
    cylinder length
    practical volume
    loading capacity
    rotating speed
    1. The diameter of the cylinder refers to the inner diameter of the cylinder. The length of the cylinder refers to the length between the flange and the flange at both ends of the cylinder; the effective length is determined according to the size of the end liner and the grid; the effective volume refers to the cylinder, The volume of the end cap after removal of the liner, including the cone volume.
    2. The ore particle size is <350mnu
    3. The maximum ball loading is calculated as 3% of the effective volume.
    4. The working speed is 75% of the critical speed. When the frequency conversion is adjusted, it will float up and down according to the rated speed of 10%~5%.

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