X-ray Intelligent Ore Sorter

The intelligent ore sorting system is a fully automatic equipment that utilizes machine vision, deep learning, automation control, mechatronics integration, high-performance computing, and big data technologies.


    Mineral Intelligent Ore Sorting System

    The X ray sorting machine is a fully automatic equipment that utilizes machine vision, deep learning, automation control, mechatronics integration, high-performance computing, and big data technologies. It simulates human visual perception and brain function by different spectral imaging to distinguish the surface corrosion color, texture, fluorescence, energy spectrum, X-ray transmittance, and other features of the ore. It can rapidly and accurately perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the ore and effectively select the desired ore.

    Application Range

    Non-ferrous metal ores:antimony, gold, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, tin, nickel, vanadium, titanium, etc.

    Ferrous metal ores: wolfram, iron, manganese, chromium, etc.

    Precious metals: gold, silver, etc.

    Fluorescent ore: scheelite, fluorite, calcite, Malayite, Zircon, lepidolite, dolomite, stratocite, icelandite, opal, massive fluorite, diamond, etc.

    Working Principle

    The lump coal or ore block is uniformly spread through the feeding/belt device, and transferred by the conveyor belt to the position of the X-ray recognition system.

    The ore sorting machine utilizes XRT (X-ray transmission imaging) technology to automatically collect X-ray images of clean coal and gangue, or high/low grade mineral blocks and identify them.

    The ore sorting system integrates high-speed computing units and an array of high-pressure gas jet devices to automatically sort mineral blocks based on the image recognition results.


    Green Environmental Protection
    No water needed, no medium required, no coal slurry produced, no toxic and harmful substances used, and no toxic and harmful gases generated.
    High Sorting Accuracy
    With the help of high-precision detectors, multi-technology fusion, AI algorithms, and high-precision control systems, precise spraying can be achieved.
    Low Energy Consumption
    By adopting centroid air-blowing technology, the loss of high-pressure gas is greatly reduced.
    High Intelligence
    The system runs fully automatically, with remote data transmission and remote fault diagnosis, achieving unmanned operation.


    Product ModelMS1200KMS2000K
    Applicable particle size (mm)300-50
    Capacity (t/h)100200
    Equipment size (m)12.3 (length) x2.8 (width) x2.9 (height)12.5 (length) x3.6 (width) x3 (height)
    Machine power (kW)4065
    Equipment voltage and frequencyAC380V/660V/1140V,50Hz
    Air supply pressure (MPa)0.55-0.8
    Ambient temperature (°C)-15-+40
    Staff MemberAnnual absorbed dose (mSv/year)≤1
    Boundary dose rate (uSv/h)≤1, @10cm on the surface of the equipment shell

    MS-K series coal gangue intelligent separator is a fully automatic intelligent mineral sorting equipment independently developed and manufactured by Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. for the coal series and kaolin sorting industry.

    The equipment has the characteristics of high sorting accuracy, large processing capacity, environmental protection, safety and stability, etc. It can effectively replace the existing manual sorting method and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of coal gangue resources.

    The equipment mainly uses XRT technology and integrates machine vision technology to automatically identify coal gangue within a certain particle size range, distinguishing kaolin and waste stones, and using an array of high-pressure air jets for individual sorting, thus achieving the purpose of intelligent sorting.

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