Cement Rotary kiln

Cement rotary kiln is one of the key equipments used in cement production process and is the main equipment of cement clinker dry and wet production line. The rotary cement kiln uses high temperature rotation to heat the limestone, clay and other auxiliary materials in the raw material to produce high quality cement clinker. With advanced design and reliable performance, our cement rotary kilns provide efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for cement production.


    Product Specifications:Φ3.2×50 - Φ6.2×96


    Material: limestone、clay、slag、fly ash

    Application fields: cement rotary kilns are used for cement production, lime production, metallurgical industry, petrochemical and waste treatment, etc.

    Working Principle

    The structure of a cement rotary kiln mainly consists of cylinder, supporting device, transmission device, supporting device with retaining wheel, combustion device, cooling device and movable kiln head, as well as sealing device at the end of the kiln and other components. During operation, raw materials enter from the kiln head, pass through the furnace chamber of the rotary kiln, exchange heat and chemical reaction with fuel gas inside, so that raw materials gradually turn into clinker, and finally discharge from the kiln tail. The main engine and reducer drive the rotary kiln to rotate. In this process, the fuel in the combustion unit burns to produce high temperature gas to heat the raw material evenly, which is the key step in cement production. The cooling unit is used to quickly cool the clinker to prevent excessive sintering. The control system is used to automatically monitor and regulate the entire production process to ensure stable and efficient production.


    Stable Product Quality.
    Rotary kiln cement in calcining materials, fuel combustion to produce high-temperature gas, so that the raw materials are heated evenly, the output product quality is stable.
    Stable operation and control system
    Our rotary kiln for cement is equipped with advanced operation and control system to ensure the stability and reliability of the production process. Operators can monitor and adjust key parameters through an intuitive interface to achieve optimal production results.
    Optimized Design and Structure
    Our electric cement kiln has been meticulously designed and optimized, and features a robust and durable structure. High-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes are adopted to ensure the long life and stable operation of the cement rotary kiln equipment and reduce the need for maintenance and repairs.
    Environmental Protection and Sustainability
    Shanghai Yingyong Machinery pays great emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. Therefore, we have equipped our cement rotary kilns with advanced waste gas treatment systems to effectively reduce emissions.
    Versatility in Material Adaptation
    The rotary cement kiln is suitable for a variety of raw materials and processes, capable of processing different types and properties of raw materials, such as limestone, clay, slag, etc. It has strong adaptability and can meet the production needs of different cement products.
    Support Customized Needs of Customers
    We value close cooperation with our customers and understand their specific needs and requirements. Based on their needs, we are able to custom design and manufacture cement rotary kilns to best meet their production efficiency goals.


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