ZGM/MPS Coal Pulverizer

The MPS & ZGM coal mill is a type of coal mill that operates at a speed of 50-300r/min. This equipment is used to prepare and process auxiliary materials for blast furnace iron-making. It provides suitable coal powder for the blast furnace iron-making system. The medium-speed coal mill is a crucial large-scale equipment in the coal-to-oil pulverizing system. It is important to ensure operational safety and economic efficiency for the coal-to-oil process.

    Working Principle

    The electric motor drives the grinding disc through the reducer, and the material is fed into the center of the grinding disc via the inlet of the lock wind feeder. At the same time, hot air enters the grinding disc through another inlet. As the grinding disc rotates, the material moves towards the edge of the grinding disc due to centrifugal force and is crushed by the pressure of the grinding rollers while passing through the annular groove on the grinding disc.

    The high-speed airflow carries the crushed material from the edge of the grinding disc, and the large particles fall directly back to the grinding disc to be crushed again. When the material in the airflow passes through the upper separator, the coarse powder falls from the cone bucket to the grinding disc for crushing again under the action of the rotating rotor, while the qualified fine powder leaves the grinding disc together with the airflow and is collected by the dust collection device to become the final product.

    Materials containing moisture are dried when they come in contact with the hot air stream. Adjusting the hot air temperature can meet the requirements of materials with different humidity to achieve the desired product moisture. Adjusting the separator can also accomplish the coarseness and fineness required for different products.

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    High Stability
    The medium-speed coal mill can ensure stable coal powder production, consistent grinding, and product quality.
    Easy to operate
    ZGM & MPS coal pulverizer has a user-friendly interface and control system, allowing operators to quickly master the equipment operation and adjust parameters.
    Friendly Environmental Protection
    The medium-speed coal mill utilizes advanced technology for dust collection and emission control, effectively reducing emissions of particulate matter and gas and minimizing environmental impact.
    Suitable for a Variety of Materials
    The medium-speed coal mill can handle different types and quality of coal, which can adapt to different coal supply and production needs.
    Energy Efficient and Low Cost
    Our ZGM & MPS coal vertical mill uses high-efficiency pulverizing technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.
    Excellent Crushing Effect
    The coal mills may provide more uniform and detailed coal powder to meet the product size requirement through an optimized grinding system and grinding process.


    capacity (t/h)10.5-15.518.4-25.229.1-37.943.8-56.863-76.676.6-84.196-108.9
    Motor (kw)125-185220-280330-450500-650720-800880-10001120-1250
    diameter of grinding disc(mm)1300160019002250245026502900
    roller number(set)3333333

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