External Heating Electric Rotary Kiln

[ Material ]: Lithium iron phosphate, battery recycling materials, coal-based kaolin, alkaline magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, molecular sieve catalyst, copper sulfate, barite, nickel oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc ore, sewage sediment, agricultural waste and industrial waste, etc.

[ Application fields ]: Materials such as non-metallic ore, metal ore, medicine, food, chemical products and agricultural products


    Our company has produced an electric heating rotary kiln that meets the actual needs of customers. This new type of practical environmental protection rotary kiln equipment has a compact structure. You can freely adjust the tilting angle and achieve precise control through temperature frequency adjustment. The heating elements adopt a modular design that is easy to replace. The equipment is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

    Product Components: The external heating electric rotary kiln is mainly composed of six parts: combustion system, control system, heating chamber cylinder, kiln body, drive unit, feeding and discharging system, etc.

    Working Principle

    The material is fed into the electric rotary kiln cylinder through a feeder, which distributes it evenly. The cylinder rotates with the help of a transmission device, and the material moves along the axial direction, while the coping plate rotates it to ensure even calcination. The cylinder is equipped with a heating chamber outside, which transfers the heat generated by calcination to the material through the cylinder. The material goes through a process of decomposition, drying, calcination, and roasting under high-temperature conditions. After the calcination process, the material is discharged through a discharge valve, cooled, and packaged for use.


    Flexible Adjustment of Tilting Angle
    The external heating rotary kiln features an adjustable support device that allows for the tilting angle to be customized according to specific needs.
    Temperature Control through Frequency Conversion
    The heating temperature of electric rotary kiln can be precisely controlled by frequency conversion to ensure the heat treatment effect under different working conditions.
    Simple Operation and Cost Reduction
    Operating a rotary kiln electric furnace is simple, easy to learn, and reduces personnel training costs and operating risks.
    Minimized heat loss
    The rotary kiln electric furnace can be heated using either electric wire or gas. It has a heat insulation cover on the outside, and a heating chamber is formed between the cylinder and the insulation cover. This ensures that the cylinder is heated evenly and reduces heat loss.


    No.ModelOperating temperatureInner tube sizeHeating powerInclinationProductive capacityPower supplyWeight
    1YDH1001100℃φ0.1×4.5m36kW0.5~5.0°~4kg/h380VAC 50HZ ~4T
    2YDH1501100℃Φ0.15×4.5m42kW0.5~5.0°~8kg/h380VAC 50HZ~4T
    3YDH2001100℃φ0.2×4.5m48kW0.5~5.0°~15kg/h380VAC 50HZ~4T
    4YDH3501100℃φ0.35×9m68kW0.5~4.0°~120kg/h380VAC 50HZ~8T
    5YDH4001100℃φ0.4×9m108kW0.5~4.0°~150kg/h380VAC 50HZ~10T
    6YDH5001100℃φ0.5×9m180kW0.5~4.0°~250kg/h380VAC 50HZ~12T
    7YDH6201100℃φ0.62×10.5m260kW0.5~3.0°~300kg/h380VAC 50HZ~15T
    8YDH7001100℃φ0.7×10.5m280kW0.5~3.0°~360kg/h380VAC 50HZ~18T
    9YDH8001100℃φ0.8×10.5m350kW0.5~3.0°~480kg/h380VAC 50HZ~20T
    10YDH9401100℃φ0.94×12m400kW0.5~2.5°~650kg/h380VAC 50HZ~25T
    11YDH10001100℃φ1.0×12m410kW0.5~2.5°~750kg/h380VAC 50HZ~28T
    12YDH11001100℃φ1.1×12m460kW0.5~2.5°~900kg/h380VAC 50HZ~30T
    13YDH12501100℃φ1.25×12m500kW0.5~2.5°~1000kg/h380VAC 50HZ~35T
    14YDH14201100℃φ1.42×13.5m600kW0.5~2.5°~1350kg/h380VAC 50HZ~40T
    15YDH15001100℃φ1.5×13.5m750kW0.5~2.5°~1500kg/h380VAC 50HZ~45T
    16YDH16001100℃φ1.6×15m900kW0.5~2.5°~1600kg/h380VAC 50HZ~50T
    17YDH18001100℃φ1.8×15m1000kW0.5~2.5°~1900kg/h380VAC 50HZ~55T
    18YDH20001100℃φ2.0×15m1100kW0.5~2.5°~2200kg/h380VAC 50HZ~60T
    19YDH22001100℃Φ2.2×15m1300kW0.5~2.5°~2600kg/h380VAC 50HZ~70T

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