Slag Vertical Mill

The vertical mill used for slag is comprehensive equipment that combines crushing, drying, grinding, and classifying. It incorporates a specialized grinding mechanism to specifically cater to the grinding and powder selection processes of slag, offering high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, and significant production capacity.


    Slag vertical mill is mainly composed of powder separator, grinding roller device, grinding disk device, pressurizing device, reducer, main motor, shell, rocker device, hydraulic loading device, operating platform, etc. It can realize crushing, grinding, drying, separation, conveying and other operations.

    Working Principle

    Slag vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment to dry and grind slag by means of negative pressure air sweep. During working, the slag is evenly fed through the conveyor and falls into the center of the grinding disc from the lower feeding port. The main motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the center to the edge, while being squeezed by the grinding rollers into powder grinding. The crushed material continues to move towards the edge of the grinding disc, while the hot air enters the inside of the machine from the air inlet, and the qualified fine powder will be picked up by the airflow entering from the wind ring and collected by the powder collector to become the finished product of the slag vertical mill. Larger particles are scraped up by the scraper blade for further crushing and grinding.

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    Vertical Structure, Less Space and More Stability
    Our vertical mill for slag adopts vertical structure, which covers a relatively small area and saves production space. Its compact design makes the equipment arrangement more flexible and adaptable. In addition, the slag vertical mill adopts sturdy and durable materials and precise manufacturing process to ensure the stability and long life of the equipment.
    High Grinding Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption
    The slag vertical mill adopts conical grinding roller grinding device, which has low running resistance of grinding roller and low energy consumption. The optimized grinding roll design can quickly finely grind the slag into fine powder, effectively improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the grinding time and increase the production efficiency. Compared to traditional traditional tube mill, the slag vertical mill can save 45-60% of electrical energy and grinding of materials can save 35-40% of electrical energy.
    Easy maintenance
    Slag vertical mills have certain advantages in terms of maintenance. The equipment has a simple structure and is easy to maintain and maintain. The replacement and maintenance of wearing parts such as grinding discs and grinding rollers is relatively convenient and quick, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
    Comply with Environmental Protection Standards and Regulations
    The slag vertical roller mill has significant advantages in environmental protection. It is equipped with advanced exhaust gas treatment system, which can effectively reduce the generation of emissions and pollution to the environment. Through reasonable airflow regulation and dust collection devices, the slag vertical mill can effectively control the emission of dust and exhaust gas. In addition, the enclosed operating mode of the vertical mill can also reduce the impact of noise and vibration on the surrounding environment and staff.
    Easy to operate and reduce costs
    Shanghai YingYong slag vertical mill is easy to operate with the advanced automatic control system. The operator can monitor and adjust the key parameters through the intuitive interface to achieve precise control, and is able to complete the work task continuously and efficiently. In addition, the operating cost of the slag vertical mill is relatively low, saving manpower and energy resources.
    Comprehensive Technical Support and Adequate Spare Parts Supply
    Shanghai YingYong provides customers with a full range of technical support and original parts supply to ensure that each customer operates worry-free about their equipment. No matter when and where you are, you can rely on our parts supply system to keep running your production efficiently.


    Application: Steel plant blast furnace slag, steel slag; power plant slag; phosphorus slag and other solid waste recycling.

    Model SpecificationsVRM1700SVRM1900SVRM2200SVRM2400SVRM2800SVRM3400SVRM3700SVRM4200SVRM4500VRM4800
    Maximum feed size(mm)1-10
    Slag moisture(%)<12
    Product specific surface area(m3/kg)≥420
    Product moisture(%)<1
    Main motor power(kW)400500800900180025003350380045005400

    Note: The data in this sample form is for reference selection only, and the equipment guarantee index is subject to the contract.

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