Rod Mill

The rod mill is a common grinding equipment that uses steel rods as grinding media. This mill equipment produced by Shanghai YingYong adopts advanced controlled inlet and outlet technology, which combines the actual grinding material and suitable grinding body, so as to achieve more uniform particle size and higher output.


    Rod mill is generally of wet overflow type, which can be used as a primary open circuit grinding, and is widely used in the primary grinding of artificial stone sand, mineral processing plant, chemical plant power department. The mill is mainly composed of motor, main reducer, transmission department, cylinder department, main bearing, slow speed transmission department, feeding department, discharging department, ring seal, thin oil lubrication station, large and small gear jet lubrication, foundation department, etc.

    Working Principle

    The rod mill is an asynchronous motor connected with a small gear through a reducer, which directly drives the surrounding large gears to decelerate and rotate, and drives the rotary part to rotate. The cylinder is equipped with an appropriate grinding medium—steel rods. Under the action of the machine, the material to be ground continuously enters the inside of the cylinder from the feeding part, is crushed by the moving grinding medium, and the product is discharged out of the machine through the force of overflow and continuous feeding, so as to proceed to the next process deal with.



    Power saving
    Rod mills, in comparison to old type equipment, can save over 40% in power consumption. The product size is more uniform and contains less coarse particles and mud.
    Uniform discharge and high output
    The rod mill utilizes the advanced controlled inlet and outlet rod mill technology. When designing the rod mill, we combine the actual user's grinding material and suitable grinding body, changing the traditional ball mill's surface contact method and adopting the line contact method. This makes the discharge size more uniform and the output higher.
    Adjustable discharge fineness
    The discharge fineness can be easily adjusted by simple adjustments. The equipment is equipped with an embedded fineness control device and and sieving device to ensure that neither excessive fineness nor more unqualified products will be mixed into the finished product.
    Wide range of application
    The equipment is suitable for ores of different hardness (Mohs hardness 5.5~12).
    Environment friendly
    Low noise, no pollution, can be used for artificial sand making and coarse grinding of ore in mineral processing plant.
    Avoid excessive grinding
    Due to the performance of the rod mill, it is often used in the re-election or magnetic separation plants for rare metal ores such as tungsten and tin ores. To prevent the hazards caused by over-grinding, rod mill sand making machine is often widely used.
    ModelVolume(m³)Cylinder Speed (r/min)Max. bar capacity (t)Motor(kw)Weight

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