Wear-Resistant Grinding Roller

As we all know, grinding roller is a crucial component of a vertical mill, it plays a significant role in the material grinding process. Our carefully designed and optimized grinding rollers for vertical mills are capable of handling common hard impurities in the grinding materials, such as stones and iron blocks. With many years of experience, Shanghai YingYong can provide you with customized solutions if you have any needs.


    High Hardness, Anti-cracking, Wear-resistant
    Our vertical mill grinding rollers have outstanding characteristics, including high hardness, excellent crack resistance and superior wear resistance. By adopting high-quality materials and advanced processes, we ensure that the grinding rollers can operate steadily during long-term grinding processes while effectively resisting the wear caused by hard impurities in the materials. You can operate your vertical mill with confidence, without the need to replace rollers frequently, increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs.
    Ensuring Product Quality and Stable Performance
    In the production process of grinding rolls, we adopt the technique of electric arc air planing to perform precision finishing on the rolls. This advanced processing technology ensures the appearance quality of the cast steel parts and makes its surface finish and precision reach the best state.
    Comprehensive Testing Ensures Product Quality
    We have strict requirements for product quality. Each product undergoes systematic testing, including non-destructive testing, to ensure the reliability of the load-bearing surfaces. We only provide high-quality grinding rolls that have been carefully selected and tested. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can choose the grinding rolls from Shanghai YingYong.
    Customized Solutions
    Different customers may have varying requirements when it comes to grinding mill rolls. Therefore, we offer customized solutions designed specifically for you, based on your specific requirements. Whether it's specifications, materials, or special requirements, we can manufacture the grinding rolls according to your requirements, ensuring that we deliver rolls that meet your needs.

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