Conveyor Belt Weigher

For weighing conveyor system materials, reliable belt weighers are always required in cement production field and others. These belt scales determine how quickly materials travel on a conveyor belt within a specific period of time. Shanghai Ying Yong are committed to professional belt weighers, and we are pride in our excellent technology of our scales.


    As a crucial industrial control equipment, belt scale is widely used in coal power, cement, chemical industry, and metallurgical industry, especially mining. Generally, this scale is used for measuring and conveying the raw materials like limestone, clay, ore, and etc in the cement production line. Using this scale ensures precision proportioning of material feeding and mixing throughout the production process.

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    There are usually multiple stages in cement production, including crushing, grinding, mixing, and more, all of which demand precise raw material proportions. The role of conveyor belt scales is to continuously monitoring the weight of materials on the conveyor belt. By connecting with preset control systems, these scales can automatically adjust the material feeding rate to maintain the desired ratios.

    Working Principle

    This beltweigher equipment is composed of intelligent weighing instruments, speed sensors, weighing sensors, the scale body, a reduction motor, a frequency converter, control cabinet, and other supporting accessories.

    A typical conveyor belt scale or belt weigher system has a weigh bridge structure supported on load cells, an electronic integrator, and a belt speed sensor. Belt scales can infer the weight of material by measuring the deflection of the conveyor belt. Then these sensors transmit weight data to the control system, which will calculate and adjust the preset parameters to ensure that various materials are put into the production line in the correct proportion.


    Precise Measurement and Production
    All of our belt weighers are adopted high-precision weighing sensor technology, which can monitor the material weight on the conveyor. Whatever granules, powders, bulk materials, the belt scale can accurately measure the proportion of materials to guarantee the product quality.
    Intelligent Control System
    Equipped with advanced the automatic control system, our belt scales can dynamically adjust the material feeding speed according to the present parameters and real-time data.
    Durable and Reliable
    Our bet scales have undergone rigorous engineering and experimental testing to ensure stable operation even under high load and harsh working environments.
    Real-time Data Monitoring
    By connecting the inspection system, you can monitor the weight and feeding speed of materials, and production data. If there are any malfunctions, you are able to identify potential problems in time and make adjustments accordingly.


    SpecificationsBelt Width(mm)Roller Center Distance(mm)Maximum Flow Rate(m3 / h)

    Note: About data is standard spec, if you need other models please feel free to contact us!

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