The structure principle of common large vertical mill reducer

Common models of domestic reducers: NGC MLX, MLXSD, MLXSS series; heavy-toothed JLP, JLX, JLW series; imported Flender KMPS series; Hangzhou Auto HSG series (small market share).

Large-scale vertical mills are widely used in the modern cement industry, and the maintenance of related components is related to the normal production of vertical mills. The large reducer matched with the vertical mill belongs to this category. Once an accident occurs, the on-site maintenance is difficult, the technical content is high, and the maintenance cycle is long, which has a great impact on the normal production and operation of the enterprise. The countermeasures of many cement enterprises are: to purchase spare machines at high cost in case of unexpected needs; or to take advantage of the opportunity of production shutdown during the winter peak shift, and return the whole machine to the factory for maintenance, which will inevitably cost a lot of round-trip transportation costs. This shows that the on-site inspection and maintenance methods of large reducers are very important.

Professional patrol inspection: The most important means to discover hidden troubles is equipment patrol inspection.

Common faults: high-speed shaft bearing damage, high-speed shaft bevel gear broken teeth, loose spacer sleeve between two bearings of high-speed shaft, wear on the surface of parallel shaft external tooth spline shaft and internal tooth spline sleeve, equipment vibration

Troubleshooting: Invite a professional reducer maintenance team to enter the factory, selectively carry out on-site maintenance and return to the factory for maintenance, and deal with the shaking of the reducer foundation

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